Drive Dance Company will take all measures necessary to comply with the Massachusetts State guidelines with respect to social distancing, hygiene protocols, staffing & operations, and cleaning & disinfecting. Specifically, the following procedures and practices will now be implemented.



Prior to making your way to the studio, please ask the following questions in relation to your dancer: 

• Have you had any history of fever in the last 14 days? 

• Have you had any respiratory illness such as cough or difficulty breathing in the last 14 days? 

• In the past 14 days, have you or any household member had any contact with a known Covid-19 patient? 

• Have you or a member of your household traveled to an international area(s) suspected of community spread in the last 14 days? 

• Have you or any household member had a history of exposure to Covid-19 biologic material? 

If, and only if, answers to the above questions are no, may your dancer come to class. In order for reopening to work, we must all do our part to be diligent and honest in addressing symptoms and please STAY HOME IF NOT FEELING WELL.


The building will now have one-way entrances and exits in the stairwells. The back door will be used for entrances (drop off) and the front door will be used for exits (pick up). Therefore, you will drop your dancer off at the back door as normal. 

Face coverings must be worn during drop off and pick up procedures and in the stairwells where 6ft distancing may be difficult. 

The lobby is CLOSED to all parents, siblings, and visitors. Therefore, dancers who are able to enter the building on their own are encouraged to do so. Faculty and staff will be present to assist them. If your dancer can enter on their own, we ask that you don’t enter the building so that we can limit the number of visitors inside. 

• If you have a young dancer who needs to be walked upstairs by a parent, you must wear a face covering, drop your dancer off, and then exit out the front stairwell. 

All dancers will sanitize their hands upon entering the building (provided).



• Inside the studio, each dancer will have their own labeled, socially-distant chair. Here, they can sit, put on their shoes, and prep for class. Dance bags will stay under their chair and water bottles stay in their dance bag unless being used. 

The water filling station in the lobby is closed. Therefore, it is important that each dancer bring their own water bottle. 

• Dancers will remain on their assigned spot (right near their personal chair) for the majority of their class. Spots will be spread out and the floor is taped in 6x6 boxes for clarity. 

• When everyone is in their 6x6 space and dancing begins, students are allowed to remove (or pull down) their face coverings if need be. We strongly encourage dancers to attempt wearing masks. However, we understand it is summer, the kids are doing physical activity, and this may be challenging especially for young dancers. If you want your dancer to keep their mask on, we will help enforce that, please notify Ali via email. Faculty and staff will be wearing masks 100% of the time until new guidance deems otherwise. 

• To help reduce the need for bathroom breaks, please remind your dancer to use the restroom prior to coming to the studio. Per usual, only one dancer at a time will be permitted out of the studio to use the restroom. The office staff member will be available to wipe down all surfaces immediately after that dancer returns to class and will offer verbal reminders for thorough hand washing.


• Dancers will return to their chairs at the end of class to gather their bags and water bottles and put their masks back on.


• All dancers will sanitize their hands at the end of class (provided). 

• Being led by a staff member, dancers will exit the building by walking out the front stairwell of the building to their family car*. 


*In order for this arrival and dismissal procedure to work effectively, it is imperative that parents are timely in both arrival and dismissal procedures.


Drive Dance Co. faculty and staff will wipe down all frequently touched surfaces diligently throughout the day. During cross over times and at the end of the day, surfaces will be wiped down thoroughly and sanitized using EPA approved products. The studio will be cleaned and sanitized on a weekly basis.


• As always, faculty will be keeping attendance records that can be referenced if needed. 

• Classes will be live-streamed in BAND in case a dancer is not able to join in the studio. 

• Faculty and staff will be trained in all new protocols and practices. 

• Signage will be present throughout the facility to promote understanding of distancing and hygiene expectations. 


As Phase 3 guidelines are announced, this plan will be modified as needed.