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Thursday       4pm-9pm

Saturday       9am-12pm


5 Andover Road

Billerica, MA 01821




(978) 362-3321


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Drive Dance Company cultivates dancers with a focus on strength, creativity, and thoughtfulness. 

We strive to provide all people with the most positive experience possible by sharing our love of dance and

Encouraging others to discover the drive within themselves.



Drive dancers are STRONG…

  • In their technique and physical abilities developed through hard work and maximum effort in the studio

  • In their confidence and self-discipline gained through dedication and resilience in class and commitment to performance on stage

  • In their relationships

                   With one’s self – by exhibiting intrinsic motivation, overcoming challenges, celebrating successes and taking ownership for progress

                   With one another - by forging lifelong friendships over shared experiences of collaboration, teamwork, and the creation of unforgettable memories


Drive dancers are CREATIVE…

  • In their openness to explore new and innovative ways to move their bodies and expand their technique

  • In their capacity to draw inspiration from all things and experiences

  • In their ability to apply their artistic and athletic talents to other aspects of life


Drive dancers are THOUGHTFUL…

  • In the way they care for themselves – body, mind, and spirit

  • In the way they gain a knowledge of their craft, through historical and kinesthetic elements as well as through exposure to current events

  • In the respectful, kind, compassionate way they treat others; their peers, teachers, and local community  



We share a drive to dance!