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Please use the back parking lot and enter through the rear of the building. The front entrance is locked throughout the day. Therefore, the back entrance must be used to access the studio. 



We encourage students to arrive 15 minutes before class to prepare. For their safety, Minis and Juniors should be picked up immediately after class. We do not want our younger students in the parking lot unattended and, therefore, require that a parent or older sibling come upstairs to accompany younger students. Juniors and Seniors must be picked up no more than 15 minutes after their class is completed.


All students are expected to attend their regularly scheduled classes. Each class offers a step forward in the educational process. During the spring, choreography for the recital will be taught and rehearsed. It is important for children to feel completely confident with the choreography and the year-end performance. Missing class during this period could result in frustration for the students and their teachers and classmates.



Students who miss a class will have the opportunity to make it up with another similar class. Please check with the office to determine the best makeup class for your child.



With regard to inclement weather, Drive Dance Company will follow the cancellations of the Billerica Public Schools unless otherwise notified. 



Class placement is determined by age and ability at the discretion of the Director. The school faculty meets regularly to discuss the students’ placement and progress and it is is our policy to offer appropriate opportunities to every child. Please refer to our Placement Guide for further details.


As the studio is the place that we practice and honor our art form, the following are prohibited:

  • Any food or drinks (only water in a spill-proof bottle is allowed)

  • Gum

  • Street Shoes

  • Cell phones and other electronic devices must be silenced so that dancers may commit fully to class

All registered students and parents are expected to comply with the all the policies of Drive Dance Company

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